About Our Fabulous Teachers

Cindy Caprella

Cindy has been teaching group fitness and working as a personal trainer since 2009. She fell in love with movement of all kinds at a young age. She danced with the Dayton Ballet Company #1 and 2 which later led her to the world of fitness and wellness. Her favorite thing about getting to live and share her passion is watching someone accomplish something that they were perviously unable to do. 

"I am a Mom to an incredible 2 year old, and two large fur babies. Off the mat I find myself immersed in my herb or flower garden, tinkering with at home remedies and solutions involving my Doterra essential oils (yes I am an advocate), making smoothies and dancing feverishly!"

Aerial Yoga, Zumba, Body Pump, CX Worx, Group Ride, ACE Personal Trainer, TRX, Kids Dance, First Aid, CPR, AED 

Kara Howell

Kara started practicing yoga in 2010 to help manage her Rheumatoid arthritis. She immediately fell in love with Hatha Yoga. She discovered that not only did yoga relieve her pain, but also the swelling caused by the arthritis. In 2012, Kara was asked to teach her first yoga class. Since then she has pursued her passion for learning, and teaching the practice. 

Kara now holds a Certification in:  Reiki Master, Kundalini, Hatha 200hr RYT, PIYO Live, CIZE Live, and Country Heat Live, YogaFit Level 1 & 2, Poundfit

Off the mat, Kara loves to cook, make jewelry, and read tarot cards! Kara likes to spread the gift of yoga and love to everyone she meets. She is a firm believer in following your heart. She finds yoga as an outlet to help others follow their own hearts and desires. 

Please follow her on Instagram and Facebook @limayogagirl


Allison Dye

Allison started her career in fitness in 1999 as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor.  Working from her experience in Pilates matwork (she was originally taught the classic method as a child through her dance teacher), she has taught many different types of fitness over the years, always rooting her classes in core-based, mindful movement and alignment.  

She committed to a personal yoga practice after the birth of her third child.  What began as a gentle way to return to movement and take a little time for herself slowly transformed into a new way thinking, being, and interacting with the world.  Her favorite lessons that yoga has given her would be to not take herself so seriously, and to not sweat the “small stuff”.

Allison spends her days as a physical therapist assistant in sports medicine and outpatient rehab at the Institute for Orthopedic Surgery. She incorporates yoga and Pilates principles into her treatment sessions, introducing mindful movement and body awareness to help patients connect to their bodies in a positive way and disassociate from pain. She spends her nights and weekends in mom-life mode. She enjoys being a dance mom, any activity that stimulates creativity, reading voraciously, coffee, sugar, yoga pants, and singing loudly to music (it helps clear that pesky throat chakra).  She believes the world would be a better place if everyone practiced yoga.

YogaFit 200 hour, Advanced Level Matwork Certification in STOTT Pilates Method and Total Barre, ACE Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer-Originally Credentialed in 2002.  Extensive experience with Injuries and Special Populations. Additional Training in Trauma (Mental and Emotional) Sensitive Yoga.

Also, here is a sample class list of what I am currently at with teaching (it is not comprehensive, so if there is something people keep begging for, let me know)

Class List:  Power Flow, Slow Flow, Gentle Flow, Pose Breakdowns, Yoga/Pilates Fusion, Pilates Matwork, Matwork with Small Equipment, Total Barre, Yoga for Injuries and Special Populations, Prenatal Yoga, Yoga for Seniors, Chair Yoga, Functional Strength Training, HIIT, Cardio Kickboxing, Piyo, Sport Specific Yoga, Private Instruction

Namaste 🙏  

Allie Dye